Next Steps

You’ve completed Bursting Your Bubble, developed a great life story and are ready to share it…now what? Become part of the movement around the world that is “helping leaders everywhere experience life to the full by discovering the relevance of faith in God in their professional and personal lives”. LeaderImpact offers uncommon opportunities where you can share your story one on one, with a group, locally or internationally. We invite you to join us!

Bring a non-Christian friend or colleague to a LeaderImpact Forum in your city.

Join a LeaderImpact Group and connect with other leaders who are searching for significance beyond success.

Experience a different culture with one of our Global Exchanges in Mexico, Colombia, Panama or Thailand.

Become a Certified LeaderImpact Speaker and expand your impact by speaking at events locally and internationally.

For more information please visit the LeaderImpact website.

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